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What does a Home Inspection Cover?
A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home. If you are thinking of purchasing a single or multifamily home or condominium, you should have the property thoroughly inspected before the actual purchase by an experienced and impartial professional home inspector. To view a detailed description of the inspection guidelines, click here.

Why do I need a Professional Home Inspection?
The purchase of a home is probably the largest single investment you will ever make. You should know exactly what to expect--both indoors and outdoors--in terms of repair and maintenance. A fresh coat of paint could be hiding serious structural problems. Watermarks in the basement may indicate a chronic seepage problem or may be simply the result of a single incident. The home inspector interprets these and other clues, then presents his professional opinion as to the condition of the property before you buy, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Of course, a home inspection will also point out the positive aspects of a home, as well as the type of maintenance that will be necessary to keep it in good shape. After the inspection, you will have a much clearer understanding of what it is you are about to purchase, and you will be able to make your decision confidently.

If you have owned your home for a period of time, a home inspection can identify potential problems and recommend preventative measures which might avoid future repairs.
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Why choose Jim Tebo Home Inspections?
The quality of a home inspection depends entirely on the knowledge and experience of the person who performs the inspection. Experience is the key since many judgments must be made based on the available visible evidence. A thorough understanding of the technology of buildings is also vitally important to interpret the significance of the observed conditions.

I offer the necessary combination of knowledge, experience and technical know-how required to perform an accurate evaluation of a building. Since 1980 I have performed over 10,000 home inspections throughout the New England, and am proud of my reputation among homeowners, attorneys, real estate brokers and bankers.
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What type of reports do you provide?
I take particular pride in my computer generated narrative reports which are thorough and detailed. Not only does the report note any problems found, but also lists systems and components which are unsafe, non-functional or likely to become so in the future. I also give recommendations to repair, replace or monitor components.

The report is typically generated on-site with the use of a hand-held computer and contains digital imagery. The reports are not completed 100% at the site because it may involve more extensive research and reflection, which can be better performed in an office setting.

The inspection and report are performed and prepared for the sole, confidential and exclusive use and possession of my client only. My service does not end when you receive the written report. I will be happy to discuss your questions at any time in the future at no extra charge.
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When and how can I receive the written report?
The written report is completed within 1-2 business days. The most efficient and expeditious way to obtain the report is via email. This is NOT a large attachment but an email with a link to our server where you may download the report in Adobe .pdf format.
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What are your qualifications?
All inspections are performed by Jim Tebo, who is a Civil Engineer and is licensed in the state of Massachusetts as a Home Inspector (State License #437) and a licensed Oil Burner Technician.Registered Professional.

This combination of education, experience and diagnostic testing assures you of the most comprehensive home inspection available. My company is owner operated (not a franchise) and all inspections, reports and consultations are performed by me. My qualifications never vary because every inspection is performed by the same qualified individual. No need to worry that the inspector sent to your home may not be qualified or may be O.J.T. (On the Job Training)
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What are your rates

Home inspection fees are based on size, age, style, location, type of structure, complexity and optional services requested. If you call for a quote it would be helpful to have information about the property readily available as I will determine my fee based on this information. Please be aware that a quality, thorough inspection with a detailed and comprehensive report takes time, experience and expertise.  Therefore, if you are just shopping for the lowest price, I am not the inspector that you will hire. 

Be aware that there is a difference in the quality of home inspections. Many inspection companies that have a low set fee spend the same amount of time at each property regardless of the size, age and complexity of the home.  Some inspectors who work for large multi inspector franchises have to complete 3 to 4 inspections per day because of their reduced fees. Most days I can only complete one inspection and report taking into account travel time, inspection time, phone consultations, report writing, research, etc.  
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What tools/testing equipment do you utilize?

  • Various ladders to (safely) access roofs and attics.

  • Two types of moisture meters to detect moisture in wood, drywall, behind tile, etc.

  • High powered flashlights to illuminate dark attics, basements, crawl spaces, etc.

  • Combustible gas meter to detect gas leaks and combustion leaks from boilers/furnaces/water heaters, sewer gas, etc.

  • Voltage detector to identify “dead” and “live” wires/circuits/outlets.

  • Receptacle/circuit analyzer to determine if outlets are grounded and wired properly.

  • Various mirrors to look up, down, under or behind components.

  • A long steel probe to check wood for decay and to “sound” structural members.

  • Levels to determine if components are plumb or level.

  • Various magnets to determine if pipes, nails, etc. are ferrous or non-ferrous.

  • Battery operated screwdriver to quickly remove and replace electric service panel covers, etc.

  • Safety equipment, coveralls, knee pads, respirator, etc. to safely access attics and crawl spaces.

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Do you perform special investigations, troubleshooting or consulting?
Yes, I have been called by many homeowners to consult on a specific problem such as the source of roof leakage, basement seepage, structural problems, fire safety or electrical concerns. Some homeowners just need an unbiased opinion on the work needed on their home before they hire a contractor. Whether  you need a full inspection with a written report or a piece of advice on a specific problem I can help you. Also see my page listing Supplemental Testing.
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Client Comments
  Thanks for your good work. I was able to negotiate a substantial reduction in the price based on the problems you discovered. -  Dick Stopfel, architect.

  Many thanks for a very professional job.  We won’t hesitate to call you again.
- Tom Garrity

  Thank you for your thoroughness.  I’d be happy to recommend you to anyone needing an inspection done.
-  Leslie Schiffman

  I received the inspection report several days ago and read it over carefully.  That, along with our conversations have greatly aided in my decision to purchase the property.
- T.T. Stockton  

  I want to thank you again for your assistance in the home inspection.  You saved me considerable time, expense and headaches by pointing out some of the problems with the house.  I will be back in touch when we find the right property.  - Michael Price 

  Thank you for the thorough job you did.  It was a pleasure to meet you and do business with you.  I will not hesitate to contact you or recommend your services to anyone seeking a new house in the future.
- Steve Scatterday

  We want to thank you for your recent home inspection for us.  You are obviously a professional at what you do and we both feel we would want no other person inspecting our dream home but you.  We feel that we learned more about the particulars of a potential home purchase through your investigating than we ever dreamed of.  I myself being a do all or fixer upper learned more than money can buy from your fee. 

  Although we did decline on purchasing this house for the asking price, we are much more aware of how a home inspection by a professional like yourself can change our final purchase price.  We will be calling on you again in the near future as we want you for inspecting our potential home.  We do realize that many things are not visible or accessible through the home inspection process, but we feel you do your best in obtaining all the information you can.  Your full scale home inspection report is a big hit with us and we’re keeping it for reference and to show others the kind of work you do.
- Gerry and Donna Pierce

  Your fee was a small price since you discovered very expensive repairs that needed to be fixed.
- Henry F. Mora

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Massachusettes Home Inspector License #437


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