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What Does The Home Inspection Cover?

- Roof shingles, flashing, soffits, fascias, skylights, chimneys, gutters/downspouts, siding, trim, wood decay/damage, foundation, sill, steps, porches/decks and garage.

Site- Walks, driveways, fences/walls, drainage, grading, and detached garage/barn.

Attic- Insulation, ventilation, condensation, leakage, chimneys and structure.

Interior- Ceilings, walls, flooring, doors, windows, receptacles, lighting, heating/cooling, fireplace/stove installations, exhaust fans, cabinets/counters, built-in appliances, plumbing fixtures, water volume and drainage.

Walls, floors, structure, insulation, ventilation, water seepage, sump pump, chimney base, exterior doors and wood decay damage.

type of distribution service, main shut off valve, supply lines, connections, leakage/corrosion, well pumps and systems (interior components), type of drainage system, drainlines, traps, vents, domestic hot water and safety violations.

Electrical- Service type/capacity/adequacy, grounding, amperage/voltage, overload protection, type of wiring, exterior lighting/doorbells/receptacles and safety violations.

Central Heating- Type of system/fuel, operation, heat distribution, fuel storage and safety violations.

Cooling/Heat Pump-
Type of system, operation (When temperature permits), heating/cooling, and distribution.

Supplemental Testing-
We also offer a variety of supplemental tests covering air and water quality.



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